We make online giving easy, safe, and awesome!

If you would like to add Online Giving to your website, please call or email us to get you setup!

Simple Flat Fee

We offer a simple flat rate of 3% + 30 cents, with no additional fees. Most of our competitors charge additional monthly fees, PCI fees, batch fees, statement fees, and/or more!
This Online Giving option is included with every Bridge Element website!

* 2.5% + 30 cents and $29/mo is an available Online Giving option normally used for churches that bring in over $8,000/mo in donations.

Stabilize Giving

As attendance fluctuates, so does giving. Ministries using online giving have a more stable flow of income year round. Why? The traditional offering is limited to the church building, but the internet is everywhere. That expanded availability coupled with the option for people to set up automatic recurring donations can have a tremendous impact on your ministry's giving.

Text to Give

We are proud to offer the easiest solution for text donations. Unlike other text giving options, our platform settles all donations in a few days. You don't have to wait on cell phone providers to cut you a check 60+ days after the donation! We will issue you a private phone number, your donors simply text an amount to your unique number, that's it. Text to give can easily be added to any account for $79 activation fee and $5/month.

Online Giving Demo

Our online giving platform allows you to easily customize the background image, primary and secondary color schemes as well as adding custom header images and logos. You can also create unlimited fund options so that people can designate their donation to any of your ministry's individual projects or campaigns.

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Form Builder

With our dynamic form generator, you can easily build forms to accept registrations (and payments) for events such as camps and conferences or free forms for items such as volunteer applications and prayer requests. The possibilities are endless!

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Custom Reporting

You will have access to tons of reports. Most of the reporting you need will come right from your Bridge Element Giving Control Panel where you can view a range of custom reports by person, transaction, fund, even within a specific date range. You will also have access to graphical reports of monthly trends, current automatic recurring giving, forecasting, and more!

Giving Kiosks

Giving Kiosks are a great way to remove barriers and allow poeple to give easily at your church with a debit or credit card. There is no additional monthly charge and your reporting and administration are tied seamlessly with our web-based giving platform.

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Funds & Campaigns

We give you unlimited Funds and Campaigns so donors can designate their donation to any of your ministry's current projects.

Pledge Tracking

Donors can easily submit their pledge online and we will track their progress and provide valuable reporting to your church managers.

Unlimited Users

Whether you have 25 or 25,000, we won't charge you more just because you have more users. Users are also easily managed within your user dashboard.

Automatic Giving

Your users can easily activate automated recurring donations. They also will have the ability to activate multiple automatic recurring donations so they can designate their gifts to separate funds or campaigns.

Data Export/Import

Do you need to import donation data into your bookkeeping software? No problem! You let us know how you want the data and we'll set up a custom import/export profile just for you, for free.

detailed pricing info

VISA, MASTERCARD, AND DISCOVER - 3% + 25¢ Flat Rate on Debit and Credit Cards.

AMERICAN EXPRESS - If you choose to accept American Express they charge a $7.95 statement fee. (This fee can be waived by choosing e-statements through AMEX).

ACH PAYMENTS - If you would like to accept ACH (echeck) payments the fee is 1% plus $.25 cents per transaction. There is also a $6 monthly statment fee charged by the ACH processor.

*Valid for U.S. banks only.