Bridge Element Giving Kiosks

easy to use

Our ipad kiosk software was designed with your church family in mind. We make it effortless for your donors to give on our kiosks with a swipe of their debit or credit card. Donors simply select a fund, enter an amount, and swipe their card.

Simple management

You can control all of the settings for your giving kiosks from an easy to use web based control panel. The changes you make online are automatically sent out to your kiosks in real time.

great reporting

All detailed information concerning the donations are available within our web based administrative system. You have the ability to pull reports, analyze giving trends and comparisons displayed in a simple graph viewable from any browser. Plus, giving records can easily be exported to excel.


Do I need a separate account to use a kiosk? No. Kiosk donations are integrated in with your main Bridge Element Giving account. All gifts are reported to your main admin site.

Are there extra monthly charges for using a kiosk? Yes. There is an additional $19 per month fee for use of the kiosk software.

Can I use more than one kiosk at separate locations? Yes. The options are endless. Set multiple kiosks up in the same room or at strategic locations throughout your building.

Pricing and Specs

Our Kiosks are theft and tamper resistant through internal bolting which protects the iPad and enclosure from theft. The case restricts the iPads’ Home button, so users must remain in the kiosk application. The Kiosks have a robust construction made of black powder coated steel and aluminum. Also, power and communication cables can be routed through the stand for a clean look.

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Have Your Own iPad?

You can use our kiosk software which is $19/mo. All you need to do is purchase one of our card readers ($80).


Monthly Hosting

It is more than just hosting, we include 5 GB of storage space for all of your audio files and graphics, all Bridge Element updates, email support, a full featured Help Desk, and toll-free phone support where you can talk to a real person that really wants to help you and your ministry!
ALL sites come with Online Giving!


No Credit Card Required

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