Custom Church Website Design

We know that sometimes you just want something a little different which is why we offer custom design. We want to make sure that your website meets the need of your ministry at a price that's affordable. A few of the common changes we make are background and color scheme changes. We can easily match the color in your logo or create a new color scheme to better match your community.

Some other common changes are fonts and page layouts. You can choose from hundreds of fonts at Google Web Fonts to give your navigation and text headings a unique look.

Google Webfonts

We can also take features from one of our other designs and put that feature on your website or we can start from scratch and create a completely custom home page or page layout. We want you to get creative so if you have an idea for changes you would like made to one of our designs just let us know and we'll do our best to make it possible.

How Does it Work?

Before you even purchase you can call one of our super friendly team members or shoot us an email to get a free estimate on the custom changes you would like done. After you make your purchase online you would Submit a Request through our Help Desk and one of our Designers would start a conversation with you to make sure the changes you want are clear and to give you an estimate and turnaround time.


Our design rate is $50/hr with a minimum of one hour. Our average turnaround time on custom design once the custom work as been approved is 2-3 business days. Also, while we're working on our end you can continue to work on the rest of your website to get your website up and running and soon as possible.

Our Amazing Support Team

Real people with a huge heart for ministry and making your life a little bit easier.


Monthly Hosting

It is more than just hosting, we include 5 GB of storage space for all of your audio files and graphics, all Bridge Element updates, email support, a full featured Help Desk, and toll-free phone support where you can talk to a real person that really wants to help you and your ministry!
ALL sites come with Online Giving!


No Credit Card Required

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