Our Visual Editing System


Our editor is built for ministry leaders, pastors and volunteers. We have made editing your site as simple as we can. By using our visual editor, you can edit the site directly by pointing with your mouse, clicking, typing, then following the on-screen instructions. Your website looks exactly as it does in the editor so if you want it to look different on the website, you simply makes a few changes in the editor and publish!

The best way to think of it is as a being like a Microsoft Word or Powerpoint file. You type in what you want people to read, click print and you have your document. Except with Bridge Element's website editor you're clicking publish and, boom, you have a website.

The amazing thing about our editor is that all the HTML code is created for you behind the scenes. This means non-techie ministry leaders, pastors and volunteers can design a website in minutes and have it live on the web without even having to think about all the techie stuff happening in the background.

We want you to spend more of your time ministering to people and less time spent on website management and coding.


Check out some videos that show exactly how our editiing system works.

Visual Website Editor