Keywords Help Find the Needle in a Haystack

The amount of data being shared online every minute can feel rather daunting. Consider these numbers reported a year ago by Domo:

- 684,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook
- 2,000,000 search queries are made on Google
- 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
- 47,000 apps are downloaded from the App Store
- 3,600 photos are shared on Instagram
- 571 new websites are created

What would help 
get your content in front of the people who would most appreciate reading itKeywords, plain and simple.

As Jerilyn Soncrant suggests:

“When posting on your social media networks, include keywords in the following places while remembering they need to sound natural. If it feels obvious that you snuck in a keyword phrase, remove it or try again. Place your keywords:

- In the Bio or About Us section of all of your social networks
- In posts when you’re talking about that particular subject
- In the vanity URL you create for each social network
- In the titles of your blog posts

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