How a Good Facebook Fan Page Should Look: Tips, Best Designs


You guys all know what a huge role Facebook plays in people’s lives — it is the most visited social network, and the second most visited site on the web! For many people, Facebook has become their virtual home, and they cannot imagine their lives out of the Facebook world.

Speaking of the network potentials for brands, Facebook is one of the most powerful instruments for attracting clients to your business. It is a unique place where brands can directly interact with their existing and potential clients. That is why more and more companies put in their best licks for making their Facebook Fan Pages as much creative, unique and engaging as possible.

So, what are the basic points you should be focused on when designing a Fan Page for Facebook? We’ll find out right now…

1)  Choosing the name wisely.

Since we are talking about a business Facebook page, the name should reflect your or your service (product) nature and, at the same time, be catchy and memorable.

2) Adding a unique profile image.

The profile image should be revative to your business and expressive enough. Make it 200px wide so that the system won’t resize it automatically.

3) Designing a catchy Landing Page.

The more expressive and original your page design is, the more fans it will attract. The landing page should help you get Facebook fans. Offer something special for them in return for liking your brand: it may be promos, contests, discount coupons, exclusive info, and much more. Also, you can use use a call-to-action graphics in the landing tab to get more “Likes” from the page visitors.

4) Add Facebook apps to your page.

Use the Static FMBL app for adding HTML/CSS code to your FB page therefore having more options for designing your Fan Page.

5) Set Google Analytics on your Facebook page.

For that you need to create a new account in Google Analytics with you FB page URL. Here is a link on how to do that.

6) Provide high quality content to your fans.

Communicate with your fans. It is the most important aspect that you should always keep in mind. Be active, answer your fans’ questions fast, help solving their problems, interact with them as much closer.

The Facebook functionality allows you to add the “Invite Friends” box, embed videos, insert Flash content, and much more. Also, you can use a ready-made template: customize it and embed in the Facebook page. By the way, it is a good choice for all those who would like to create a professional Facebook Fan Page without hiring a designer.

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