Communicate the basic "need to know" information for visitors wanting to check out your church



Who are you? Your church name, leadership and mission should be clear. Introduce the key leaders and staff members. For a first time guest, it’s comforting to see what the pastor looks like and recognize a few staff. Especially when they need help, directions or have questions.



What do you stand for, what is your church doing to communicate the love of Jesus? Share your projects and outreach ministries in an easy to browse format. Make sure your mission, vision and theology are clear. Don’t make a visitor hunt for any of this information.




When do you meet? Don’t expect your users to reach out if they can’t find the service times. Make it easy and clear for people visiting your site to know how to connect with you for services.




Just as important as when you meet, where you meet. For some brick and mortar churches this is less difficult than a mobile/portable church. Regardless, sharing your address is just the tip of the iceberg. Communicate the best directions, parking, children’s check in, etc. Anything possible to ease the first five minutes of your guest experience will go a long way with any visitor.



How can someone get engaged with the church? Events, ministries, missions, service, etc. This is a secondary information to the above. Keep in mind the person looking for this info has likely been to your church a few times, but a new visitor will still want to see this info even if they don’t engage yet. It communicates how you are living out your mission and vision. Provide points of engagement and action on all these pages. Promote these internally to get church members to sign up, connect with a ministry leader, and volunteer. Don’t forget to close the loop with a call to action!


Bonus Tip: Make it Accessible. Everything you do online needs to be mobile friendly. It’s estimated that 50% of all consumer traffic this year will be on a touch device. iPads, Android tablets, smart phones, we all have one or two. Keep it simple and usable. - See more here
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How do you advirtise this on your website?