Choosing the Right Design



Choose a Design that Speaks Your Language


Choose a design that speaks your language. Visual language, that is. Try to understand what kind of look and feel will be the most effective for your target audience and choose a design that fits this description. Are you looking for something with a clean/crisp look or a rough/grunge feel? Do you have an age-group in mind? Ask yourself questions like this before you choose your template. But don’t feel like you are stuck with your design choice forever, with Bridge Element you can change your mind at anytime. 



Consider the Goals of Your Website


Your content will largely depend on your audience and the goals you have for your site. The content for a missionary website is very different from a youth group website.  Likewise, if the purpose of your church website is to communicate with potential first-time guests your content will be completely different than if your primary purpose is to communicate with church members.



What are some other things that you would consider before choosing a design for your church website or ministry website?