Want your announcements to make a bigger impact?

There’s an orientation period that takes place when guests visit your church and mine every weekend and we see it as our job to guide them where they fit in relationship to our community. Use your announcements as a way to give people establishing where they fit accourding to that relationship. For us, “announcements” provide a perfect opportunity to do just that.

Here are some ideas for next steps:  

- The Next Move - a class designed to explain the vision and values of your church
- First Steps - An environment designed to give people real, actionable steps towards an authentic relationship with Christ
- Topical Workshops - Small group environments formed around specific topics to cultivate relationships
- Men’s & Women’s Events - These could range from a breakfast to a retreat
- Kids on the Move: Live - A monthly service for kids and their parents


Irrelevant information translates to BORING! So we put information about the church lost and found would NOT qualify as a next step, but a men’s breakfast would. Why? Because the lost and found is simply an announcement that could go on a pre-service slide or on our Facebook page. Think of this as a de-cluttering tool and when you strip away all of the stuff that affects very few people in church you end up announcing a lot less, but with much more effectiveness.

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What ways do you spice up your announcements? Feel free to give us feedback below!