Here’s a down-and-dirty checklist for you and your team to use when setting out to build a new website:


  •   •Write down how your website serves the mission of the ministry.
  •   List out the type of users who will come to the site and what you want them to do.
  •   Create a list of 10 church websites that you like, and name what you like about each.


  •   Make sure the font is big enough.
  •   Make sure there is a good contrast between the background color and the text color.
  •   Decide how images will be used in a post.
  •   Decide who will be allowed to write posts.
  •   Decide how often you’ll post. (And whatever frequency you decide, make sure you stick to the schedule: an old blog post is worse than no blog post).


  •   Get a logo made. (I would advise investing in a good one you paid for rather than a free OK one.)
  •   Choose colors that are OK to use with your brand.
  •   Choose styles you’ll use for headlines, subheads, body text, pullquotes, blockquotes, and other text.
  •   Pick out 20 photos and make a mood board to show the vibe your site will have. (This will be helpful to show volunteers who are working on the project with you know what you’re looking for.)
  •   Write out how you explain your ministry—do it in a page, a paragraph, a sentence, and a couple words. (It will be helpful when you have more people involved, and when you need to pitch this idea to get people on board.)
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What are your thoghts on this list? What do you think is most important? Let us know by commenting below.