3 Musts in Church Websites


Here at Bridge Element, we recently pulled site analytics from our servers (over 300,000 unique visitors and over 3 million of pages views) and here are the top 3 things visitors are doing when they go to church websites:

#1 Times and Directions
We see a +30% spike in daily traffic on Sunday mornings with a little over 35% of visitors viewing sites from their mobile device. Also 52% of Sunday morning website viewers are first time visitors to your site.
TIP: Make sure that “Times and Directions” are prominent on your home page.

#2 Media Pages
Media pages with previous sermons are the most viewed pages on church websites. The average person listening or watching previous messages will navigate through about 7 different pages and stay on your website for an average of 37 minutes and 30 seconds.
TIP: Be sure to present your message series pages in a way that is easy for visitors to browse.
Here is a great example of what we mean 

#3 Staff Page
The second most visited page on the church website is the staff page. Of those that visit the staff page just over 70% are first time visitors to your church website. These visitors only spend about one minute on the staff page. This tells us that they are probably just browsing through the page and not really reading the content.
TIP: Invest in good pictures for your staff page. It doesn’t have to cost a lot but the difference in quality will be very noticeable.


What have you seen in your visitor stats for your  church website?